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Nya trådlösa HRT AirStreamer! Pris 2.490 :-



Åter toppbetyg! Här är en länk till det senaste testet av STAGE

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Stage i Ljud&bild



Stage gör succé!



Stage ”Trotsar Fysiken”



Stage på turné






news.cnet.com by Steve Guttenberg

February 24, 2013(  Bäst I test)

“The MicroStreamer impressed from the get-go; the sound was highly detailed and pure. Compared with the $249 DXXXXX  USB DAC,”

“The sound was highly detailed and clean. It’s amazing that such a tiny component like this can produce first-rate audiophile sound quality.”

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ON 08 March 2013. What Hi-Fi  ( Test vinnare av 9!)

“Those two contenders easily merited five stars, but of the two it was the unassuming HRT microStreamer that truly captivated us with a stunningly agile-paced performance that reveals layers of subtlety hitherto unheard of with just a pair of headphones and a laptop. Factor in it’s £180 price tag and it was a no-brainer: the microStreamer is the perfect sub £200 option for a brilliant portable system that’ll keep your music sounding superb.”


Hi-Fi+  March , Alan Sircom 2013  (Ett otroligt betyg!)

”I’m not going to beat around the bush. Correctly fettled, this is the best DAC you can buy at this time. Not the best DAC for less than £500 or the best USB-powered DAC. It’s not even the best DAC for something like the double the price. I’ve tried a lot of DACs, some costing a lot more than the HRT Music Streamer HD and – while they might be different, they are not better.”





Home Theater Magazine   By Mark Fleischmann   CES 2013

One-inch tweeters are treated fabric, 3.5-inch woofers are aluminum, and the system sounded fabulous with CD-resolution files of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue


Wicked Digital CES 2013

We knew going in that HRT would have the new Music Streamer HD on display and we were keen to hear this new DAC. But we were somewhat distracted by ‘what was behind the curtain’…an age old trade show trick!

I sat down to listen to a system I knew nothing about, but I could tell it was a stand mount speaker by the music that was playing (or so I thought), but other than that guess, I knew nothing else. Here I was thinking they had designed yet another DAC, when all was revealed…

The HRT ‘Stage’ is a music playback system designed from the ground up in house at HRT, it will be a system comprising two slim speaker cabinets, a processor box to hold the amplifiers, DAC and inputs and it simply has to be heard to be believed. This system uses what appear to be 3″ drivers (3 per speaker) and a tweeter to produce music that is not edgy or harsh, and has bass output measured to 35Hz at -3db….yes, from 3″ bass drivers.

Later that day I heard the system again, this time instead of an acoustic guitar playing, it was a full band with deep bass, and it was at a loud volume which is usually the downfall of any small system trying to mix it with the big boys. But not on this occasion, the Stage System delivered huge, room filling sound that truly does defy all logic. I then sat down in the sweet spot and listened again and the system even throws a very decent sound stage with great height and width.

One look inside the speaker cabinets tells part of the story: The bass drivers (yes, lets call them bass drivers and not midrange drivers) feature massive magnet structures equal to the the size of the cone itself which is no doubt required to handle the demands placed on them. HRT have designed every single aspect of the speaker right down to the voice coils and spider, all in house and they are preparing to lift the roof on expectations both sonically and from a cost perspective as the Stage is set to market for under US$900 for the complete system.

While you may think this is yet another system aimed at the desktop music lover, that is not it’s only reason to exist, because while it does that duty very well, it is designed to be your main listening room system. Yes it can and does deliver truly huge sound for large rooms, even from it’s modest 70 watts per channel power. This is a game changer!

Update: Tonight we had a party at HRTs suite at the Marriot which was about the size of a two bedroom apartment. It was your typical gathering with around 12 people all drinking and eating and of course talking. In the background was the Stage System playing, all night. This was final proof of this systems ability to play the role of a main sound system in a real home situation as it filled the party with great sound all night and unless you looked at the system, you would have no way of telling the speakers were so small. One late comer to the party asked upon hearing it, where the sub-woofer was…case closed.

Update 2: Had the chance to listen to the new HRT microStreamer today powering a pair of top end Audeze LCD-2 headphones, firstly I was surprised at just how well it drove them, and just how good the sound was. Detail was high, but it was the clean openness in the top end and midrange that really stood out for me. Bass extension was also good…nice pairing!


Micro streamer


Positive Feedback ISSUE 65
january/february 2013


Sonic Satori – HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer
by Michael Mercer

The HRT microStreamer has raised the bar so high in its category I hope it gets all the accolades it deserves. In uber-portable headphone amp/DAC combo solutions for the computer I can’t think of another component outside the Audioquest Dragonfly, which to my ears doesn’t have quite the dynamic punch of the microStreamer that even approaches the sonic performance of this miraculous little aluminum brick. It’s like an audiophile’s reference-system-in-a-box. You have to hear it to believe it.




Home Theater Magazine By Mark Fleischmann CES 2013

One-inch tweeters are treated fabric, 3.5-inch woofers are aluminum, and the system sounded fabulous with CD-resolution files of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue


Glada Nyheter!

Köp senaste numret av Hemmabio tidningen (nr 12 December 2012) och var med i deras tävling där du kan vinna basmästaren DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 Cinema.

Citat ur tidningen ”Tävling Fixa till basen- Vi har hyllat DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 tidigare, och nu till jul har du chansen att vinna en helt egen smart, automatisk baskalibrerare.”

Totalt är det 3 Anti-Mode 8033 Cinema att tävla om!